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Jun 27, 14
im kind of upset that the $65 i put into this server has gone to waste :(
piyrez aD
Jun 27, 14
Get better man.
Jun 27, 14
that to ^^
piyrez aD
Jun 27, 14
Its okay Jake! You have MDB now. :)
Jun 27, 14
yes or DRD :)
Jun 27, 14
:( so much work on my base, gold saved up, tanks..gone :(
Jun 27, 14
athulin if you message me aboutour new community we can fund ou some stuff you have bought!!
Jun 27, 14
is that stuff recently? or stuff i've already set up? lol i just logged into the DRD page :)
Jun 27, 14
go onto my profile and look at the communitys im in and click on MDB
Jun 27, 14
you will see ALOT of familiar faces!!
Jun 27, 14
omg hold still!
Jun 27, 14
As long as TI is down, I believe it is ok to post about other servers here.
Jun 27, 14
what drew posted is the link
Jun 27, 14
lol I see that
Jun 27, 14
Jun 27, 14
aww just Chen?
Jun 27, 14
you'll love it
Jun 27, 14
I'll be there ;)
Jun 27, 14
lol, yea just means I gotta learn a whole new map. and I had Napf just about figured out from to back being as large as it is
Jun 27, 14
Yeah, If you guys read my post below I will honor purchases. :0
Jun 28, 14
I think Piyrez is running cherno
Jun 28, 14
I am running napf
Jun 28, 14
And If I want my money back?
Jun 28, 14
When was your last purchase havok?
Jun 28, 14
looks like june first. that will be something you can discuss with kaboobie. I do not have access to that paypal account. I offered to extend credit to the players that bought points or used the store. Just to be awesome, I will include this entire month.
Jun 28, 14
I would even go as far as to get all the ones right before the month, because I see you spent quite a bit
Jun 28, 14
everyone needs to turn off subscriptions if they do not want to pay them
Jul 14, 14
3 months later and Im still in the top 10 for Napf ^^
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Welcome to Server Chat


If you'll miss playing with the TI community, come find some of us at:     
Piyrez's Chernarus server

Aaron's NAPF server.

I will be playing on both, so come check it out! 
Skinner Well fuck! Get better kaboobie.

TI on Hiatus

ahammond1024 a posted Jun 27, 14
Hello Community members,

                       The word was given today that TI is going to close down for a Hiatus. Our leader Kaboobie has some medical issues and is having issues being able to be here for the community. He has decided to close the servers down for the time being. He hopes to come back after he gets well, and is looking forward to arma III epoch.

With this said, I am willing to welcome any TI player that wishes to come over and play on my server. Http:\\ is the address, its in my profile. feel free to come by and play.

I will also honor any of the open orders still in the TI store, as well as anything ordered in the past week.

I hope to see you there,
Aaron H. - Ahammond1024
piyrez aD Aaron is great! Hope you all have the chance to check out what he has to offer. ...

The End

Kaboobie a posted Jun 27, 14
Sorry all but I have no time, some rather crazy things going on with my personal life, surgery monday morning actually, and unfortunately the community seems to have reached a point in my absence that is just not easily recovered from. As such I have decided to shutdown the servers. Thank you for spending time with us over the last year it's been real but it has come to it's end.

Thank you to all those who helped run this place over the last year. You have no idea how much I have appreciated your help.

Also thank you to those who donated to keep the community running. Without your support there is no way we would have lasted as long as we did.

Goodbye and Thank You.
We are launching our new Support Ticketing system today. Please be mindful this is considered a beta application at this time and is subject to changes and bugs. Currently only senior admins and developers have access to the support system. This is just for this initial trial period. Once we determine everything looks good and is running smoothly we will bring all of the admins into this system. Keep this in mind when you are waiting on a response for now as it will likely be slower than when we are running the system fully staffed. 

Anyway, I a very excited about this system. I believe it will help us all track and resolve issues with far greater efficiency. Also through the use of this system you will no longer have to worry about trying to track down an admin to have something looked into. We will strive to resolve or at the very least begin to make progress on all issues within 24 hours of their submission. 

So you may be wondering what kind of stuff you should report through this system. The answer to this question is pretty much any issue you may have. Feel free to report Bugs, Performance concerns, Hackers, Cheaters, Exploits, or any other issue you may have during your time on the servers. 

You are not required to register on this system to submit a ticket but it will be helpful for you if you are as you will be able to more easily track any issues you may have. 

So without further ado please take note of the new link on the top menu labeled Get Support. This link will take you to the ticketing system where you can submit your ticket to us. I hope that you all are as excited about this system as I am. I know it will make a big difference.
ahammond1024 a My access works ...
Jake (GHOST2) a I like this idea, sounds good

Admin Team Changes

Kaboobie a posted May 31, 14
So we are restructuring our whole team adding new people removing some old and changing how things work overall.

First I would like to introduce our two newest additions to the Team. =UN= Drew Sykora has been added to the Administrator group and Jake has been added to our Moderation Team. 

Now obviously these are not exactly the terms I have used in the past when introducing new members and you are probably wondering what the difference between the groups are. The roles will be defined below:

Moderators - Responsible for basic rule enforcement both in game and on the website. Able to assist players with basic needs in game. Unable to Spawn any items.

Administrator - Responsible for Rule enforcement in game and out. Has access to spawn items. Capable of temp bans.

Senior Admins - Responsible for Rule enforcement in gae and out including other Admins. Think of them with the same authority as Catalyst or Myself in most cases. 

Developer - The only ones responsible for bug fixes or scripts. Not responsible for any ingame admin duties. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them in the comments below.


Feature Preview

Kaboobie a posted May 28, 14
Figured I would give you guys a peek at what I have coming up for the servers. 

1. Hero Perks - Perks for heroes determined by how heroic they are (humanity based)
2. Humanity Based Loadouts - Loadouts for everyone determined by their humanity.
3. Plot Pole Improvements!
4. Towing Improvements!
5. Trading from vehicles

I know these aren't super flashy, like my last couple updates, but they should all be a real nice quality of life improvement overall and I think you guys will really enjoy these changes.
Sublime so with the plot pole improvements....r u increasing there range? hopefully
piyrez aD Hmm, I am wondering if we should offer people the chance to reset their Humanity if they are a bandit if we add hero inc ...
grazskin Don't allow towing of locked vehicles is my only suggestion.

Consolidating Servers

Kaboobie a posted May 28, 14
I have decided to shut down a few of our servers, namely Altis Life, Panthera, and Namalsk. This is being done for several reasons. The most important are listed below:

1. Lack of player count. These servers just aren't popular.
2. Preparing for Arma 3 Epoch. Arma 3 Epoch is on the horizon and we will be launching a server as soon as it is made public.
3. Work Load. These servers didn't really contribute much to the community and were just becoming an extra thing that had to be done creating work for no reason.
4. Costs. The shutdown of these servers will reduce the operational costs and ensure we continue to be able to bring you an awesome play experience.
5. Performance. As well as increasing work load these servers used resources. These resources will now be available for the other servers to utilize thus improving your overall experience.

Please feel free to discuss this in the comments or the forums.

Viper wow, I lost a lot. I loved the Namalsk server and had so much time invested and so much gear stored. I also just had a b ...
Grav3n If possible, I'd like to at least recover the briefcases I spent time gathering.
piyrez aD My only concern for shutting the other servers down would be accommodating people who have invested time there. If you ...
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